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Black Pomfert/Karuppu Vavval

₹489 ₹519

Black Pomfert /Karuppu Vavval Gross 500 - 600gm, after cleaning net weight 300 - 400gm, Degutted, slice cut & packed with head & tail

Black pomfret is significant  for exciting flavor and a firm texture. It is known to have plenty of vitamins & nutrients for consumption. Main recipes include Vavval Kuhzambu , Vavval curry & Vavval fry.

Chicken Curry Cut with Skin

₹110 ₹120

Chicken Curry Cut with Skin, choose your customize weight starting from 500gm

Fresh curry cut chicken is nutritious ,ideally suited for making curries and gravies at home. Having skin & small fats under contribute to enriching the flavor and taste of the curry.