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Who wouldn't appreciate receiving the freshest vegetables and fruits of their choice right at their doorstep whenever they want? Well, OYC Fresh was started to make this wish of every homemaker come true in Chennai.

Earlier there was no choice but to go to a marketplace or supermarket daily to buy foods if you wanted them fresh. Online shopping has changed the whole scenario. OYC Fresh offers you the flexibility to buy not just fruits and vegetables online but also allow you to order the freshest chicken, mutton, fish and seafood varieties of your choice in required quantities, with just a click of the button.

Buy fresh Fruits & Vegetable online in Chennai from

Fruits and vegetables play an important part in our diet plan. Though it’s compulsory in our platter, it is not easy to get vegetables and fruits of our choice directly from the market. In such cases, the luxury of buying fruits and vegetables online is an advantage for many. Most fruits & vegetables are rarely fresh once you reach the local market, but OYC Fresh collects the freshest of fruits and vegetables from the farms and delivers at your doorsteps. Oycfresh, the online shop with its widespread delivery network in Chennai provides you fresh fruits and vegetables anytime and every time you want it right to your doorstep.

Fresh Mutton & Chicken online to add dose of healthiness in your plate

Just imagine a tempting plate of hot mutton biriyani with roasted Chicken. While meat is the integral part of Indian cuisine in all households, buying them fresh and good quality is a nightmare for many. So, we at oycfresh offers you the best quality meat which are carefully selected and prepared by our experts. Buy mutton and chicken online in chennai anytime at your convenience from

Seafoods – A powerhouse of nutrients

Seafood is the first choice for many when it comes to starters. Because of its high nutritional content, it is healthy as well as ideal item to elevate your food menu for your lunch and dinner. We carefully choose the fish and properly clean and cut them before sending it for delivery. Now, you can order your favorite seafoods online in chennai at oycfresh and get them delivered safely to your home.

We assure that you will meet your shopping needs of chicken, mutton, seafoods, fresh fruits and vegetables all under one roof at oycfresh.

Why buy from us online?

• Comfortable and time-saving – It is the main benefit. You do not have to take the pain of going to the market, standing in long queues, sticking to shop time schedules and can avoid many more discomforts. When you buy online, you can order from the comfort of your home or office, any day, anytime. Your order gets safely delivered at your place without any hassles.

• Value for money – While sourcing, care is taken to only collect superior quality products in the freshest possible condition and pricing is very nominal so that a wider segment benefits from it.

• Wide choice – You get the choice of selecting from a broad array of food items in required quantities without having to spend your energy and time visiting stalls to get what you want.

• Freshness and quality guaranteed – Care is taken to source superior quality food stuff and is delivered as soon as possible sometimes even within 120 minutes from the time of order.

• Flexible payment modes – In addition to cash, you can make payments using google pay, Paytm, debit and credit cards, net-banking and many more modes.

• Ideal during emergencies – Situations might arise where you might not be able to step outside of your place to buy necessary food supplies like the one similar to the recent pandemic. Or your health might not permit you to go out too. Whatever be the reason, online delivery services during such testing times can be a savior of sorts to help your ends meet without much ado.

Visit to know what is in store for you. Shop with us and enjoy quick online delivery of fruits, vegetables, chicken, mutton, fish and other seafood items in Chennai.