Chicken Curry Cut with Skin


Chicken Curry Cut with Skin, choose your customize weight starting from 500gm

Fresh curry cut chicken is nutritious ,ideally suited for making curries and gravies at home. Having skin & small fats under contribute to enriching the flavor and taste of the curry. 

Chicken Curry Cut Skinless


Chicken Curry Cut Skinless, choose your customize weight starting from 500gm

Tender and Juicy skinless chicken neatly cut into medium sized pieces which is perfect for Tikkas or Kebabs and  will melt in your mouth.  

Chicken Bir Cut W Skin 500gm


Chicken Biryani Cut with Skin of 500gm - 5 to 6pcs

Tender chicken pieces with skin, cleaned & exquisitely cut for preparing mouth watering delicious biryanis for your family at home. 

Chicken Biryani Cut 500gm


Chicken Biryani Cut Skinless of 500gm - 5 to 6pcs

Tasty skinless chicken pieces cut for the perfect plate of Biryani that will be a pure delight for the biryani lovers. 

Boneless Chicken 500gm


Boneless Chicken of 500gm

Juicy boneless chicken pieces cut for perfection to make chicken recipes like chili chicken, pepper chicken, chicken roast and many more. The succulent chicken variety that will bring out the chicken lover in you.  

Chicken Breast Boneless 250gm


Chicken Breast Boneless with approx 250gm - 2pcs

Chicken breast boneless & skinless allows you to cook tasty treats like grilled chicken, chicken 65, chicken Manchurian etc. The succulent meat is good for lean diets and has rich source of proteins and minerals.

Chicken Leg 360-380gm-2pcs


Chicken Whole Legs 2pcs of approx 360 to 380gm

Being moist and super tender, these flavorful whole leg pieces are perfect ingredient for making chicken barbeques, drumsticks and biriyanis. They are a very rich source of zinc & vitamins for nutrition of the body.    

Country Chicken 600gm


Country Chicken Skinless (approx 600- 650gm)

Country chicken meat are tastier and more nutritious as they are fed in the open with flour and maizes. Used to prepare most delicious Nattu kozhi fry, Naatu kozhi varuval and many more.

Country Chicken W Skin 700gm


Country Chicken with Skin (approx 650 - 700gm)

Country chicken with skin has its unique flavor and rich protien content so the meal is absolutely delicious and delightful. Main delicacies include Naatu kozhi kuzhuambu, Naatu kozhi varutha kari and Naatu kozhi curry. They are high in protein and low in fat for best health benefits.

Chicken Wings 500gm


Chicken wings of 500gm

Chicken wings can serve a evening snack or a pleasant treat, either way they are the best choice. Crispy roasted wings or tandoori wings you can make it according to your taste, everything is quick and easy to cook., Chennai – Best place to Order chicken online

A home cooked chicken dish is the perfect choice when you wish to eat something comforting and at the same time a treat for your taste buds. Be it a meal for a family or an extravagant feast for the near and dear, you can do it all when you have fresh chicken at hand. has variety of options to indulge into your craving for chicken like, Chicken curry cut with/without skin for making delicious chicken gravies, Country chicken with/without skin for country chicken Kuzhambu, fry & tasty biryanis that will sweep you off your feet with its flavors. Furthermore lets you buy chicken online in Chennai as boneless types, wings, breasts and whole legs to suit your cooking needs and plans.

Acknowledging the fact that the meal stays delicious and nutritious only when the ingredients are fresh, oycfresh ensures quickest possible online chicken delivery from farm to home, every time. Make use of this facility to get fresh and tasty country chicken anytime of your choice to impress everyone around you with your culinary skills. Cook delicacies like Chettinad Chicken, Butter Chicken, Chicken Biryani, kebabs, Chicken lollipop, korma and much more at home, with ease and create memories with your near and dear.

Chicken recipes – The Hero of Indian Meals

Simple, tasty and quick – That’s why chicken recipes are the star in many Indian lunches and dinners. Appearance, smell, taste and texture of chicken are the factors that generally influence people to go behind chicken recipes. In olden culture, people used to say “tastes like chicken” when they can’t describe the flavor of food. But, does that mean Chicken tastes weird!? Never! Health experts suggests eating chicken daily as it holds high nutritional value. But, the mode of cooking chicken along with the added spices and variations like butter, mayonnaise and cream is what makes it not worthy for daily diet. Grilling or roasting chicken for daily food provides maximum benefits. Chicken can be unhealthy when bought from unhygienic farms too. So, to get maximum health benefits as well as appetizing taste from chicken, provides fresh and tender chicken online for all Chennaites. At OYC, you can order chicken online which is of premium quality & freshness and free from chemicals and growth hormones.

What makes chicken meals a healthy option?

• A premium source of dietary protein for muscle growth

• Offers under-consumed minerals and vitamins required for healthy heart

• Contains more protein and less calories, ideal for weight loss

• Has selenium for the well being of hormones, thyroid and immunity

• Has retinol for healthy eyes, phosphorus for healthy bones and teeth

• Niacin, prevents DNA damage and incidence of cancer

There are more health benefits and are not limited to the above mentioned ones but to enjoy all of them you need to use fresh and naturally grown chicken.

Facts about oycfresh chicken

• Premium breed, farm-grown chicken

• Naturally fed

• Nutrient rich

• Free from hormone growth substances

• Free from chemicals and preservatives

• Juicy and tender

• Strict quality check process

• Home-delivered fresh within 120 minutes of order

Order chicken online in Chennai from to enjoy your favorite chicken dishes at home, now.


Why do you maintain delivery charge for your products?

Our products are of high quality, fresh and bought from the local farmers and fishing communities. We operate with a very thin margin and providing products better than your local market. So, to keep up the quality and maintain the best service, we charge for delivery as per your location.

Do you use any growth hormones artificially to grow chickens?

No, we don’t use any growth hormones and our products are very natural.

Are your chickens genetically modified?

No, they are not.

What is the proper and healthy way of cooking chicken pieces?

You can roast, grill or steam chicken pieces to make it healthy and tasty.

Have you added MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) to your products?

No, we haven’t added any artificial flavour enhancers in any of our products.