How to place the Order?

You can place the order through any of the below option - Through Online Organic Shop - Send an Email to - Call 9841079237 (9.30am to 6.30pm 7 days a week) - Send SMS to 9841079237 - Whatsapp to 9841079237 Customer can mention the Product name, Reference while placing the order through Phone, Email, SMS, Whatsapp

What are the Payment option available?

We provide multiple payment option including Credit Card, Debit Card, Netbanking, Wallet, Bank deposit, Cash on Delivery .

Do you have Organic Certification for your Product?

It is not mandatory to have certification for the Organic product in India. However we are in the prelimernary stage for the process. In order to avoid additional burden, we have associated with Organic farmers clubs who are committed through active participation, along with the consumers, in the process based on verifiable trust. It is not an “inspection raj” certification system but, rather, one that is based on personal integrity and peer pressure. Integrity is honesty when no one is looking over your shoulder to see what you are doing. The farmer pledges that the production process is free from manufactured chemicals [fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, hormones, etc] and lives by his word of honour. The “Local Group” of five or more organic farmers is the fulcrum of the self-regulatory support system. In addition Customer are always welcome to have a direct conversation with our Organic Farmers clubs, their process, Can get the Photograph of the farm land and can directly visit the farm land anytime.

How many Farmers are their in your Organic Farmers Club?

There are more than 5000 Farmers associated with our Organic Farmers Club

Why the Organic products are costlier?

Organic farming is labour intensive. The biofertilizers used are also very expensive. The yield from organic farms is typically low. Organic farming techniques yield anywhere between 30-to-50 percent less output. In case of organic crops the risk of contamination by chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc. from water, neighbouring farms is high. This leads to a smaller yield, resulting in expensive products. OYC Fresh doing their best effort to reduce the Organic Product Price by directly procuring the product from the Farmers avoiding the intermediates, Efficient Warehousing and supply chaing management.

Do you have delivery other than in Chennai?

At present we are delivering the product across Chennai. We are working on delivery possibility in the other cities and will be updated the same in our website