CurryCut Seer Fish/Vanjaram


Seer Fish / Vanjaram with Gross Weight 350 - 400gm, after cleaning Net Weight 250 - 300gm, 5 - 7pcs


SeerFish/ Vanjaram is one of South Indias best favoured varieties of fish. Curry cut pieces are richer in flavour and flesh which can be used to make mouthwatering gravies & fry.

Full Slice-Seer Fish/Vanjaram


Full Slice - Seer Fish / Vanjaram, Gross Weight 600 - 650gm after cleaning Net Weight 450 - 480gm, 4 to 6pcs

Full slice of vanjaram fish are know for its remarkable taste & flavor. Cleaned & precisely cut for your needs, these are best suited for Steaks & Fries.

Half Slice-Seer Fish/Vanjaram


Half Slice - Seer Fish / Vanjaram Gross Weight 350 - 400gm after cleaning 280 - 300gm, 5 - 6pcs

Also known as king fish, seer/ Vanjaram is best known for delicious taste, very minimal bone content and fine texture flesh. Very delicately cut fish and cleaned thoroughly, it can be used mainly for Fry , Chettinadu curry and Vanjaram Porichathu.   

Black Pomfert/Karuppu Vavval


Black Pomfert /Karuppu Vavval Gross 500 - 600gm, after cleaning net weight 300 - 400gm, Degutted, slice cut & packed with head & tail

Black pomfret is significant  for exciting flavor and a firm texture. It is known to have plenty of vitamins & nutrients for consumption. Main recipes include Vavval Kuhzambu , Vavval curry & Vavval fry.

Trevally / Parai


Trevally / Parai Gross: 500 - 700gm Net: 300 - 420gm, Degutted, steak cut & packed with head & tail

Trevally is very well known for its high vitamin, omega-3 fatty acids & mineral content. Its texture is firm , having unique and distinguishing taste. It is good for lowering cholesterol level and prevents breathing disorders in children.

Tuna / Soorai


Tuna / Soorai Gross: 900 - 1300gm after cleaning Net: 540 - 780gm, Degutted, curry cut & packed without head

Soorai fish has is good for cardiovascular health and it is a favorite for every seafood enthusiast. Freshly cut and cleaned to perfection, Soorai fish recipes include Kuzhambhu, Varuval , Thokku & Fry.

Shark /Sura


Gross: 480 - 510gm after cleaning Net: 400 - 430gm, in pieces

Shark fish has been a delicacy for many generations due to its mild texture and exotic taste. Chettinadu sura meen Kuzhulambu, sura puttu & sura meen curry are a few fabulous dishes made from shark fish.  

White Pomfert/White Vavval


White Pomfert / White Vavval Gross: 480 - 550gm Net: 330 - 380gm, Degutted whole fish

White pomfret is has medium texture and very mild flavor. It has lower fat content compared with black pomfret. The fish is extremely rich in vitamins & protein's. Excellent for making delicious curry, grill & gravies.  

Barracuda /Sheela


Barracuda /Sheela Gross: 480 - 600gm after cleaning Net: 330 - 420gm, Degutted, steak cut & packed with head & tail

Barracuda/ Sheela has a strong flavor, mild texture and is rich source of vitamins & minerals that regulate heart functioning and prevent rheumatoid arthritis. It can be served as fry, kuzhambu and puttu varieties.

Snapper/ Sankara - Medium


Snapper/ Sankara - Medium Gross: 480 - 500gm after cleaning Net: 330 - 420gm, Fish gutted & packed without head

Snapper/Sankara fish is a well known treat in southern parts of India. Having low saturated fats and has a mild sweet taste. It has rich source of lean proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Sankara fish can be made as delicious Fry, kuzhambu and Gravy.

Indian Makerel/Ayila


Indian Makerel/Ayila with Gross: 480 - 600gm after cleaning Net: 330 - 420gm, Fish gutted & packed without head

Ayila fish may be  small in size but has a wonderful flavor & taste. It is a well known traditional fish of all  coastal regions of India. Ayila fish has unique taste which can be made into mouth watering Kuzhambu and Fry. It heps prevent Asthma & Protecting vision and memory.

Sardine - Mathi/Kavalai


Sardine - Mathi/Kavalai Gross: 480 - 520gm Net: 240 - 260gm, Fish gutted & packed without head

Mathi fish has wide fan following of the masses. It is very popular for its sweet tasted flesh and delicate flavor and soft chewable bones. They are cleaned well and mathi fish can be made into irresistible curry, fry and kuzhambu. 

Prawns Medium - Deshelled


Prawns Medium - 950 - 980gm after Prawns Medium - Deshelled [1 KG] and cleaning Net Weight 450 - 500gm

Prawns are the neatly deshelled and cleaned perfectly for quick preparation of exotic seafoods. Prawns are known for tenderness and ravishing flavor. They have rich proteins, omega-3 fatty acids. They taste really mild and can be made into tasty Prawn masala, prawn curry, prawn biryanis and fry.

Anchovy / Nethili Medium


Anchovy / Nethili Medium Gross: 480 - 550gm after cleaning Net: 280 - 330gm , Fish gutted & packed without head -- 35-40 pcs.

Being the smallest in the lot , Anchovy are plentiful of flavor and moist texture. They are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. They are best when made into fry , curry and Kuzhambu.

Lady Fish/Kilangan


Lady Fish/Kilangan, Gross: 480 - 550gm after cleaning Net: 310 - 360gm, Fish gutted & packed without head

Kilangan has an very unique flavor and has a firm texture. It has very little bones and it help to fight heart disease as well as lower the risk of Alzheimer's. The favorite dishes include lady fish curry and lady fish fry.

Silver Belly / Karai Podi


Silver Belly / Karai Podi Gross: 480 - 600gm Net: 300 - 500gm

Silver belly fish is rich in phosphorus, calcium & proteins. The body texture mild and flavor is excellent.  It is highly recommended to treat calcium deficiency disorders and recipes include fry, curry and kuzhambu. – shopper’s paradise to buy seafood online in Chennai

Seafood including fish, prawns and crabs has an extremely loyal fan base among foodies owing to its rich flavor, texture, and nutritional value apart from being versatile and reasonably priced. You can cook it in a wide range of ways to fit varied tastes within a short span of time. Hence have a great patronage among home cooks and chefs as well.

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Why “Seafood” should be on your dining table?

Researchers suggest that having meal with your family has some lifelong benefits. That too when you add a nutritious content to your family meal, that’s going to reap heavenly benefits for everyone. Health experts endorse adding seafood to your diet list. Its not only that sea food recipes are easy to make but also, they are highly nutritious. More than all that, the best part is the entire family will love it. Tips to remember when purchasing seafoods Though you may be stunned at the varieties of online shops selling seafoods, buy seafoods only from the trusted sources to ensure quality and safety. A fresh fish should have shiny skin, clearly defined fins, moist gills, a pleasant odour and bright clear eyes. Checking all these and buying fresh fish online is definitely a bit tricky. But, when you buy from, you don’t have to bother much about that as OYC looks after all these for you. So, order seafoods online from OYC and please your taste buds.

Top reasons to include seafood in your daily meal plan

• Seafood is a rich source of vitamins A and B, iodine and minerals

• The omega-3 available in the natural form is good for eye and brain growth

• The lesser saturated fats but more protein content supports healthy heart

• Regular consumption of seafood is known to lessen arthritis symptoms, joint stiffness and aches

• Achieve improved eyesight and healthy glowing skin

Popular Recipes you can cook at home using oycfresh seafood include:

• Fish Fingers

• Fried Fish

• Fish Cutlets

• Chettinad Fish Fry

• Neymeen Curry

• Nethilimeen Kuzhambu

• Crab Curry / Nandu Masala

• Prawn Masala

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How much seafood one should eat?

As per dietary guidelines, people have to eat 250g or more seafood every week.

Does your seafood products contain antibiotics or any drugs?

Our group of fish farming communities are providing us fresh and natural fish without administering any kind of drugs. So, our fish products are safe to eat.

How do I maintain the freshness of seafood after it is delivered?

We recommend you to either use it immediately or freeze it upon receipt to maintain the freshness.