Mutton Curry Cut 500gm


Regular Mutton Curry Cut of 500gm - 14 to 16pcs

Appetizing and succulent mutton pieces neatly cut with perfection for the your favorite recipes like mutton curry, mutton masala & gravies. 

Mutton Curry Cut 1kg


Regular Mutton Curry Cut of 1kg - 30 to 34pcs

Curry cut fresh mutton pieces with exotic taste and texture for meat lovers. Rich with nutrients and fibers to prepare variety of mutton dishes as per their needs. 

Mutton Shoulder Cut 500gm


Free Range Mutton Shoulder Cut of 500gm - 14 to 16pcs

Mutton shoulder locks in plenty of fresh flavor and mouthwatering taste which is perfectly cut into neat chunks of meat to make delicious recipes like mutton roast, mutton fry and steaks.

Mutton Boneless 250gm


Free Range Mutton Boneless 250gm - 14 to 16pcs

Delicately cut boneless mutton has found its way in variety of South Indian dishes like mutton masala, mutton curry , mutton chukka for its hassle free cooking nature. The meat is tender and taste is fabulously best. 

Biryani Mutton Cut 500gm


Biryani Mutton Cut of 500gm - 6 to 8pcs

Biryani recipes are complete with premium cut mutton that offer rich taste and flavor. The best biryani taste always comes from the freshest mutton that is added to it. 

Biryani Mutton Cut 1kg


Biryani Mutton Cut of 1kg - 14 to 16pcs

Biryani cut mutton offers an extravagant feast for the entire family with plenty of flavor, taste & nutrition. The most delicate and precisely cut meat that offers fulfilment to the dish.

Mutton Bones 250gm


Mutton bones of 250gm

Mutton bones have plenty of Iron , vitamins, minerals & nutrients in it. They boost the health of our immune system, as well as help to reduce inflammation in the body. Mutton bones soup, Mutton bones rasam & mutton bones curry are favorite recipes to name a few.

Mutton Curry Cut 250gm


Regular Mutton Curry Cut with Customize Weight 250gm

Customized as per your needs, mutton curry cut offers you plenty of dishes to cook and display on the table. Ranging from mutton masala, gravies to fantastic mutton biryani to serve the needs of the whole family. 

Oycfresh – a trusted name to buy mutton online in Chennai

Mutton delicacies are an integral part of Indian cuisine and offer a soul-satisfying experience to the consumers. They come in myriad forms, flavors and tastes giving you endless choices to enjoy. All-time favorites include Mutton Curry, Mutton Kuzhambu, Chettinad Mutton masala, Mutton chukka and most importantly tasty Mutton biryani.

Fresh and good quality meat is the main ingredient to prepare these dishes and enjoy at your home in Chennai. Your favorite mutton online store oycfresh not only ensures the availability of superior quality cut, fresh meat but also makes swift home delivery anywhere in and around Chennai possible.

Products available at include Mutton Curry Cut, Mutton Boneless, Free Range Mutton ShouldersBiryani Cut and Mutton Bones. Choose products in required quantities as per your cooking needs to recreate delicious recipes as and when you please.

Mutton– The meat that most Indians Love!

Mutton, the favorite food of India is tender, appetizing, juicy and sensational! If these words made you drooling, then we are damn sure that the recipes of mutton are going to take you to heaven. Right from classic Mutton curry to contemporary recipes, whatever you prepare, we bring you the best mutton online in Chennai. When we focus on Indian Kitchens, Mutton is always been a favorite for many. Using fresh mutton is the key to make the dish delicious and provides fresh and flavorful mutton online all over Chennai. How you can master the technique of buying mutton? Shopping the best mutton needs few key points to be followed.

• Choosing the right cut of mutton (means from which part of the animal the meat is cut)

• Buying mutton with or without bone, which is personal preference

• Tenderness of mutton pieces

• Color of mutton which should be bright red

• Smell should be acidic

• Most importantly from which shop you are buying When you choose the right shop, you don’t have to be bothered about all these because such shops will have well butchered muttons. OYC is one such shop that provides fresh and high-quality mutton online considering all the above said key factors.

Health facts about Mutton

After going through the following facts, you will have more reasons to support your craving for mutton dishes.

• Iron content in it helps prevent anemia

• Calcium in it supports healthy teeth and bone growth

• Has cancer–preventing components such as choline and selenium

• Vitamin B12 helps in cell regeneration required for good hair and skin

• Less sodium and high potassium helps control blood pressure

• Rich in minerals and protein to aid in delayed aging and strengthened immunity

Highlights of buying mutton online from

• Fresh, natural and healthy produce for exceptional cooking

• Halal cut meat

• Tender and succulent meat

• Premium quality and handpicked

• Cleaned thoroughly and cut to perfection

• Quick home delivery to conserve freshness

• Free from antibiotics

• Free from growth hormones

• Free from preservatives and chemicals

• More buying options to suit varying cooking needs

Shop mutton online at in Chennai and feel the difference for yourselves.


How to buy the best mutton?

All our muttons are of best quality considering the key facts. The best mutton will be in red colour which means it is fresh, smelling acidic and the meat portion should be cut from back of the body.

Are your muttons fresh or frozen?

Our muttons are totally fresh and juicy.

Is your mutton ready to cook?

We provide fresh mutton pieces which needs its own cooking time. It’s not a ready-to-cook kind.

Which is the best part of mutton to buy and cook?

It generally depends on the amount of bone present in the mutton. Muttons with bone are easy to cook on high flame as the bone carries heat and also flavourful than boneless mutton. However, it’s purely your personal choice.