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Variety is the spice of life, no wonder everyone likes to eat appealing foods cooked in diverse methods. With plenty of vegetable varieties at your disposal, you will be able to create appetizing , flavorsome and delicious meals in desirable ways for the whole family with ease.

Lead a healthy lifestyle consuming fresh vegetables

Vegetables are incredible sources of various nutrients including vitamins, minerals, fiber and folic acid. But they can offer these nutrients to the consumers only when they are in the freshest form. oycfresh understands this fact very well hence has come up with a robust online vegetables delivery system in Chennai that reaches you within a couple of hours.

Vegetables Delivery Online - OYC Fresh

Essentials VeggiesPopular VeggiesGreens
Onion Drumstick Siru Keerai
Tomato Beans Arai Keerai
Potato Ladies Finger Murungai Keerai
Cabbage Carrots Palak/Pala Keerai

Paint your plate with colorful veggies

Eating a “Rainbow” food is recommended by health experts. No, that doesn’t mean adding artificial colored junk foods to your diet. You may be attracted to certain foods that falls on your daily routine. But the fact is, our body benefits from different varieties of food that are natural and colorful. The phytochemicals and anti-oxidants from vegetables have a great healing power. Scientists and nutritionists suggest that you include a minimum of five colored vegetables as part of your daily meal plan so that your body gets its daily recommended nutritional allowance from them. Because each color of vegetable is rich in a specific nutrient, so when consumed together, you will receive the most benefit. When compared to others, green leafy vegetables are highly nutritious come in great varieties and allow you to cook in a jiffy. Having such great healing powers, why don’t you make vegetables a mandatory part of your daily platter?

Here are some health benefits to be found in colored vegetables:

• Red vegetables including beet roots and red beans contain antioxidants and Vitamins

• Orange / Yellow vegetables such as carrots and yellow pumpkin are rich in Vitamin A and C improves eyesight and immunity.

• Green leafy vegetables contain fiber and antioxidants in optimum levels to aid in strong teeth, bones and healthy eyes.

• Purple / Blue vegetables including brinjal helps in improving memory and urinary tract wellbeing.

• White vegetables such as onions and mushrooms helps control cholesterol levels.

Where to get your Greens?

Get your daily dose of vitamins and nutrients from The benefit of ordering vegetables online is they are fresh and clean than local markets. OYCfresh provides fresh vegetables online at an affordable rate thus making you reach the “Rainbow” and get healthy!

Reasons to buy vegetables online in Chennai @ oycfresh

• You save time and energy

• Value for money

• You can buy fresh, clean and high-quality vegetables

• Can avoid the crowded marketplaces

• Will be able to view and buy vegetables at one place

• You can make informed decisions in a matter of seconds

• Convenient ordering and delivery

• Express delivery within 120 minutes time

• Vegetables come neatly packed for easy storage

• Convenient ordering slots available to ensure you get your daily supply without fail

Hence, your search for an “online vegetables store near me” is literally over. At oycfresh you will find all types of fresh vegetables including the seasonal and exotic varieties to keep you hale and healthy all through your lifetime.


Can I make an order through WhatsApp?

Yes you can send your requirements through WhatsApp to 7550171038

How do you ensure safe delivery without spoiling the vegetables?

Fresh vegetables are carefully selected, cleaned and packed properly ensuring proper hygiene and safe handling even during transit. Thus, your products will reach you undamaged.

What types of vegetables are recommended, fresh or canned ones?

Though both canned and fresh ones are consumed by people, canned ones have lots of preservatives added to it and may lose water soluble nutrients whereas fresh vegetables are safe to consume with nutrients remaining intact.

Can we visit the store offline and buy vegetables?

OYCfresh is an online shop and we don’t have offline stores currently.