Featured Products

Featured Products

Full Slice-Seer Fish/Vanjaram


Full Slice - Seer Fish / Vanjaram, Gross Weight 600 - 650gm after cleaning Net Weight 450 - 480gm, 4 to 6pcs

Full slice of vanjaram fish are know for its remarkable taste & flavor. Cleaned & precisely cut for your needs, these are best suited for Steaks & Fries.

Mutton Curry Cut 1kg


Regular Mutton Curry Cut of 1kg - 30 to 34pcs

Curry cut fresh mutton pieces with exotic taste and texture for meat lovers. Rich with nutrients and fibers to prepare variety of mutton dishes as per their needs. 

Boneless Chicken 500gm


Boneless Chicken of 500gm

Juicy boneless chicken pieces cut for perfection to make chicken recipes like chili chicken, pepper chicken, chicken roast and many more. The succulent chicken variety that will bring out the chicken lover in you.  

Country Chicken W Skin 700gm


Country Chicken with Skin (approx 650 - 700gm)

Country chicken with skin has its unique flavor and rich protien content so the meal is absolutely delicious and delightful. Main delicacies include Naatu kozhi kuzhuambu, Naatu kozhi varutha kari and Naatu kozhi curry. They are high in protein and low in fat for best health benefits.

Prawns Medium - Deshelled


Prawns Medium - 950 - 980gm after Prawns Medium - Deshelled [1 KG] and cleaning Net Weight 450 - 500gm

Prawns are the neatly deshelled and cleaned perfectly for quick preparation of exotic seafoods. Prawns are known for tenderness and ravishing flavor. They have rich proteins, omega-3 fatty acids. They taste really mild and can be made into tasty Prawn masala, prawn curry, prawn biryanis and fry.