Organic Ghee Free from Preservatives. Made from Quality Milk

Wheat Flour


Organic Wheat Flour made by stone Grounding Quality wheat bran - 1kg

OYCFresh stands acronym for the word Organics. We have our specialty page dedicated for our distinctive line of organics which include Wheat Flour, kambu Flour, Ragi Flour, Sundried Turkey BerrIes, Sun Dried Cluster Beans, Sun Dried Bitter Gourd, Sun Dried Onion, Health Mix, White rice Vathal each of product is procured from farm land thus guaranteeing the freshness and natural taste. All of our vathals are sun-dried by our farmers hand pampered. Generally vathals are known to have anti-biotic, anti-oxidant, anti-fungal properties so they act as supplementary for healthy diet. In addition we also have stone grounded form of Wheat, Ragi, and Dark Millet produced with less heat dissemination keeping all their nutritional properties intact. Health Mix is also our own in-house product with intense nutrient content made with blend of Millets, Pulse, Rice. Every Ingredient is our own produce. Order Organic products by website or can also utilize whatsup, email, SMS, Phone call, and place your orders.