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Oils are most important part of your diet because they act as a catalyst to help your body absorb and utilize mineral and nutrients. It is good to have your daily meals made from Organic Oils. At OYCFresh, we deal with Organic Cold Pressed Groundnut oil, Coconut oil, and Sesame oil. We extract oils by the way of cold press and use the traditional wooden press to give it a more natural flavor. The oil is extracted from the machinery without further refinement thus keeping intact all its nutritional values. Like our other products, organic oils also are produced in-house without any ingredients outsourced and produced using ingredients yielded at our farmland sesame seeds, groundnut seeds, coconut we ensure everything is organic. Our ultimate mission is to become the official supplier of organic products and create customer awareness about organic products. At OYCFresh we deliver Organic oils which have the most authentic natural flavor, with distinct Aroma, nature at its best. Our natural oils are made using traditional cold press method which preserves the organic matter intact thus proving more beneficial for your health. Oils, in general, contain various fats which are essential for a healthy diet.

Various Organic Oils Offered by OYCFresh and its Benefits

Organic oils can be used in a plenty of ways as an approach to improve and maintain a person’s health. Whether you choose to use your organic oils internally, topically or through aromatherapy applications, the benefits range depending on the exact oil you use. Most essential oils require the use of a carrier to mix with so that the effect is not too strong. For example, some oils may be too tough for sensitive skin, so mixing it with the carrier oil, such as Olive or Jojoba oil is ideal for maximum effectiveness.

OYC Fresh offers different variety of Organic oils. Groundnut oil, Sesame Oil, Castor oil, Coconut oil, Neem oil and Lamp oil

- Organic Coconut Oil will keep you healthy and Slim. It will support your immune system and gives you instant energy. It will increase your Generation of blood cells i.e., replace old cells with Heathier ones.

- Organic Groundnut Oil helps you to control your body cholesterol level and boosts heart health. The high level of antioxidants in Groundnut oil will decrease your chances of developing cancer. It keeps your blood pressure under control. The vitamin E in peanut oil keeps your skin looking young and healthy as you get older

- Organic Sesame oil (a) Gingely oil is rich in zinc. It has an ability increase skin elasticity and help reduce the black spots. When applied in the hair it can minimize hair loss. Copper, zinc and calcium present in Sesame will improve Bone quality and it will relieve one form Anxiety

- Organic Castor oil helps to improve immune function. Plays a major part in Boosting the blood circulation. Moisturizes skin and fastens the wound healing process. And Castor oil is often used as a natural treatment for Arthritis pain i.e., Joint swelling pain and inflammation.

- Organic Neem Oil is used for the treatment of hair loss, used as an anti-dandruff agent. It can be applied for Dry and Itchy scalp issues. Neem oil can be used as an Anti-Aging and sun protection shield. It is highly effective to treat fungal infections and skin pigmentations.

- Lamp Oils can be used to decorate your home with beautiful lamps on the Evenings of the special day.

OYCFresh welcomes customers, to visit our plant and check out, discover our traditional way of extracting oils with the use of wooden cold press machinery. We are sure that you'll be surprised to see the amount of work that goes into making our oils organic. Check out our oil range at OYCFresh. We make online organic oil deliver across Chennai for which you can use SMS, Email, WhatsApp or use the official site to initiate the delivery of oil to your place of convenience

Customer Reviews on Organic Oils in Chennai:

Groundnut Oil, 18 March 2018

Groundnut Oil bottle bought from Oycfresh is really fresh. Justifying their brand name with the quality of the product is commendable. Doing a good job as a organic shop in Chennai. Keep up your good job.

Rajavel N
Coconut Oil, 22 February 2018

Bought Coconut oil along with groceries from oycfresh. This is actually very good compared to the branded coconut oils. Very good organic shop in Chennai with perfect home delivery service.