Buy Organic Millets Online in Chennai

Organic Millets from OYCFresh is rich in Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals. At OYCFresh, we strive to satisfy your devour for organic foods. We source our Organic products directly from farmers who are the members of the organic farmers association in Chennai. OYCFresh has dedicated its core business values solely to provide for the health conscious people. Our range of Organic Millets are raw, natural since they utilize sustainable production method they are one of a kind and we assure you’ll be surprised and pleased with our product. We project our product as raw because we are a producer not mere online organic store or distributor of organic millets. Our farms are the reason for our very existence. We are privileged to call our millets raw only due to the immersive efforts of these farmers. Even the debris in the millets is segregated by hand.

Consumption of Organic food items is so good to human health. It will be more beneficial to have an organic millet shop online in Chennai. Recent studies have concluded that Raw Millets, in general, are known to prevent Diabetes, Improve Digestive System, Lowers the risk of Cancer, Detoxify the Body, Boost Respiratory Health, Improve Muscle, Lowers Bad Cholesterol, Reduces Gastrointestinal conditions like Gastric Ulcer and Colon Cancer. It can improve nerve health, it can prevent the onset of Breast Cancer, reduces problems like Constipation, Strengthens Bones, helps in the development and repair of body tissues, helps in avoiding Gallstones, good for weight loss, Aids in the digestion and it can also protect the heart of your loved ones.

What are Organic Millets used For?

Organic Millets can churn out a variety of dishes some of it includes Ragi Dosa, Varagu Upma, Kambu Dosa, Ragi Idly, etc., and the list goes on endlessly. If you remember our grandparents used to stay brisk even in their ripe old Age it is because of these super crops. They were stable food back then which is also the reason behind their high lifespan. Back in the late 20th century crops used to be organic with least interference from chemicals pesticides. etc. at OYCFresh we time travel back to that era of farming and strive to produce millets in a sustainable way as produced by our early ancestors. We work deliberately to inculcate the benefits of raw millets to our customer group so that they can lead a healthy life free from health complications. We may probably be the only one to provide organic millets in Tamil Nadu as of now. So realize our effort and 100% commitment towards organic.

Types of Organic Millets Online in Chennai

In our millets range we have currently had the items which are Finger Millet, Kodo Millet, Kodo Millet Boiled, Kodo millet Raw, Barnyard Millet Raw, Barnyard Millet Boiled, Little Millet raw, Little Millet Boiled, Foxtail Millet Raw, Pearl Millet, Foxtail Millet Boiled, White Jowar and Wheat Bran. Wheat prominent stable food of northern India are known to be the reason behind the muscular build of most northern Indian people. Wheat has a rich source of protein and fiber. You can expect fluffy soft chapattis with our wheat packed on demand. Kudo millet is another variation of millet in an offer by OYCFresh Kodo millet called as Varagu Arisi can be used to make delicious recipes Adai, Pongal, Upma. etc., They possess rich nutritional value simultaneously tasty millet.

We at OYCFresh Provide assurance that our millets are organic. You can place an order for organic groceries online like millets with no minimum orders required for delivery. It can be done in various ways by utilizing WhatsApp, SMS, Email, Website and Phone calls. Centralized warehouse at interior part of Chennai which ensures prompt delivery on time so that you can cherish our organic product.

Customer Reviews on Organic Millets in Chennai:

Uma Maheshwari
White Jowar, 12 April 2018

Tried preparing dosa from this White jowar millet from oycfresh. It came out very very delicious. Glad to have free home delivery service in Chennai.

P. Krishnan
Kodo Millet, 17 February 2018

Bought 2Kg of Kodo millet from oycfresh. Delivery was made the next day morning itself. And we tried cooking it and the food was much better than the normal one.