Organic Rice in Chennai

Organic Rice is one of the staple foods of India. At OYCFresh we introduce you one of a kind organic rice free from pesticide, fertilizers, insecticides, and other chemical additives. We maintain rapport with our farmers and monitor their yields closely to ensure that they pass our stringent quality tests in that way we guarantee our Rice stays organic. Our farmers have taken an oath to produce rice in a sustainable way. We source our rice directly from them so that you can taste the impeccable quality of organic rice. These farmers are part of an elite group called organic farmers club thus we guarantee organic produce called rice.

Organic rice is a highly nutritious food and has numerous health benefits for them. It has an ability to prevent you from Obesity, prevents from cancer, controls blood pressure, provides energy, diuretic, and digestive qualities, improves metabolism, improves cardiovascular health, rice can also prevent chronic constipation. Organic rice will maintain your blood sugar level and keep your energy level constant and stable.

We offer various variants of Organic rice which includes Ponni Boiled Rice, Ponni Raw Rice, Kichili Samba Rice, Mappillai Samba Rice, Jeeraga Samba Raw Rice, Poongar Boiled Rice, Thooyamalli Raw Rice, Thooyamalli Boiled Rice, HMT Boiled Rice, Milagu Samba Boiled Rice, Kichili Samba Par Boiled Rice. Each rice variety can be specially used for preparing various unique dishes. Now you can get rice products easily from OYCFresh with the comfort of sitting at your home. We do home delivery of all varieties of Organic rice across Chennai. It is easier to place an order in OYCFresh. You can order and pay online from OYCFresh.in, if not you can also place an order through Email, Whatsapp, SMS or Phone call. Enjoy the free home delivery across Chennai city!

Customer Reviews on Organic Rice in Chennai:

Deepika L
Milagu Samba Boiled Rice, 04 April 2018

Bought Milagu samba rice from oycfresh and tried it. It turned out so good. Totally worth it.

Ponni Raw Rice, 12 February 2018

Ordered Ponni raw rice from oycfresh. I have to say the quality is very good. The taste was definitely better than the usual rice.