OYCFresh is the leading Organic Shop in Chennai with an objective to provide “Better Nutrition & Taste, Chemical & Pesticide Free Organic Foods”. With more than 80 healthy Organic Products covering all the food category including Cold Pressed Oil, Ghee, Honey, Millets, Traditional Rice, Pulses, Spices, Whole Grain Flours, Masala and Dried foods. OYCFresh has associated with Organic Farmers Club with an assurance that the production process is free from Chemical Fertilizers, Insecticides, Herbicides, Hormones, etc., and lives by his word of honor. The Local Group of five or more Organic farmers is the fulcrum of the self-regulatory support system with a periodic inspection from OYCFresh Team. OYCFresh has a centralized warehouse in Chennai where the Organic food product sourced directly from the farmland without any intermediate. Thus we are able to supply the high-quality Organic product at the most affordable price. OYCFresh provides flexible ordering facilities through Online, Telephone, Mobile, WhatsApp, Email with easy payment options - Internet Banking, Debit / Credit Cards, Wallets & Cash On Delivery.

Organic food refers to crops that are grown without the use of harmful pesticides, manures, fertilizers, and other synthetic materials. Even the animals like Cow in our organic farms are fed only with organic supplies. It might have been difficult to find any organic stores in Chennai till now, but we OYCFresh has taken an initiative to make your searching process simplified. In this Online Organic Store in Chennai, you can find almost all daily needed organic groceries online. Place the order and get Free Home Delivery within Chennai.

Organic Products will always posses higher nutritional value than the usual products. The reason is that the production of the product is exempted from Pesticides, Insecticides or any other chemical manures. Anyone who tries organic food is eventually going to say the taste is better than the conventional Groceries and food products. Our Organic Online Store helps you to explore and shop various Organic Products like Rice, Millets, Pulses, Spices, Masala Powders, Oils, Ghee, Honey, and Eggs. Place the order and taste the difference. It's always better when its Natural.

Since we procure our Organic products directly from the Farmers without any intermediates, you buying Products from OYCFresh will directly benefit the livelihood of farmers.